one day in the world of minecraft there was a guy named Steve he mines down trees and in caves he fights the mobs  he makes amour and tools.So he can survive over night so he doesn't DIE.


Once upon a time there was a kid called Tim he was kicking his ball and there was a hole Tim looked down the hole. and he tripped on a plant and fell down it and when he landed he saw nellmachos secret hide out.he said wow he opened the door and he sneaked in and he saw nellmacho he ran and he got grall  Doctor Nafario there was an army of purple minions they  came back with the antidote in there jelly guns nellmacho drunk the px417 and he fell to the ground agnis said eat jelly purple freaks. nellmacho said im not afraid of your jelly guns Doctor nafario o this aint a jelly gun sunshine it was a fart gun and it farted in nellmachos face and he fainted on to the ground.

the giant tortoise

the giant tortoise can be found on most tropical islands it lives up to 100 years and more. they are one  of the biggest animals in the  world will the giant tortoise dead in ten years or not i want to find out.the giant tortoises body is not designed for swimming .it eats leaves. it is one of the biggest animals in the world .it will stand in shallow water its height it has a strong hard shell and big feet its shell is massive it's bed is made of leaves the giant tortoise is a slow animal it can only walk it can not run.